Sharon B Tan



Born in Singapore and resided in Australia for 13 years. Sharon B. Tan’s discerning eye and love for fashion developed at a young age, when she would read fashion magazines and create personal look books as a hobby. She started traveling at a young age to feed her passion for structures, art, and fashion that has greatly influenced her evolving style over the years.


Being involved as a model and having co-hosted fashion related events, in and around Australia on shows such as E! news, her dream to be a fashion stylist heightens from being involved in the fashion industry.


Her unique and diverse style is as striking as it is glamorous.  Her progressive vision runs the gamut from classic to edgy and from casual to couture, which sets her apart from the rest.


Her stylist approach in combining high and low fashion elements and in the industry, Sharon has garnered recognition for her editorial spreads and covers for various publications in Singapore, working with famous hair and make-up artistes and dressing the likes of numerous models, local and regional celebrities such as the likes of Elvin Ng, Alien Huang, Denise Keller and Pierre Png, just to name a few.


Aside from being a television show host and a fashion writer for magazines in a couple of publishing companies prior to her styling career, her repertoire extends out to styling television shows/ commercial and personal styling for celebrities and red carpet events.


Sharon graduated with Fashion Design from the Raffles KvB Fashion College in Sydney, Australia. Having returned to Singapore, she embarked on her calling since 2009, and with her keen eye for detail and fresh approach to styling, she continues to challenge herself with freelance styling in areas of print, television and personal dressing. 



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